The Lindau Guidelines can only come to life through the commitment of scientists at all career stages, of organisations committed to implement them, and particularly through innovative projects.

Below, you will find several examples from the Lindau Sciathon 2020 that showcase implementation projects.

Would you also like to present an initiative or a project compliant with some or all of the ten Goals? We’re looking forward to more projects and case studies in the future! Contact us via



authentiSci is an online platform that promotes the accurate dissemination and interpretation of research findings by allowing scientists to provide feedback on the scientific validity of online media.

The project was established by Group Clifton during the Online Sciathon 2020. The team consisted of six Lindau Alumni (from the United Kingdom, Japan, Spain and Morocco) and two young scientists (from Canada and Venezuela) selected to attend the 2021 Meeting. 


Promoting Reliable Science Communication

Which goal from the Lindau Guidelines is the most important in your eyes?

Nicholas Clifton: To me, the most important part of the Lindau Guidelines is “Goal 01: Adopt an Ethical Code”, specifically regarding “Responsibility”. The guidelines state that scientists should “not knowingly mislead, or allow others to be misled, about scientific matters”. In our ever-growing post-factual era of digital media, misinformation and disinformation are spreading out of control, fuelling confusion and distrust in science. I believe that it is the responsibility of the scientific community to restore that trust in science, for the benefit of all society.

How did you go from the guidelines as a starting point to your concrete project?

Our team saw “Goal 02: Cooperate Globally on Global Problems” as the solution to preventing others from being misled about scientific matters. It was our aim to create a tool that gave all scientists the opportunity to improve science communication by offering guidance on the consumption of online science media.

How does authentiSci help to realise the idea of the Lindau Guidelines?

authentiSci is a web browser extension that allows scientists to provide feedback on the validity of media articles, by submitting scores reflecting the quality of the sources, the clarity of the scientific content and the extent of bias. We hope that, by using the tool, scientists from anywhere in the world can help to reduce confusion caused by the misinterpretation, exaggeration, or fabrication of scientific discoveries, whilst promoting reliable science communication by the media.

I believe that it is the responsibility of the scientific community to restore trust in science, for the benefit of all society.

Nicholas Clifton

Group Leader, Sciathon